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Is it better to consider leasing or buying

The actual expenses of a purchase: “When people do their math, they often only consider the price they paid for the purchase and the price for the resale, but in between there are costs to bear.” Whether it’s taxes, maintenance, the roof, windows or a French drain to change, not to mention the opportunity cost, […]

Accessibility to housing is declining in Quebec

Acceleration of the price of properties for sale The steady decline in active listings and strong demand continue to drive up property prices and decrease affordability. As a result, many institutions are starting to worry about the overpricing and overheating of the market. Improving labor market conditions, low interest rates, high savings and changing housing […]


Did you know that: If you own a rental property, you have certain obligations with respect to the tax treatment of the income you earn from your activities and the expenses you incur. You also have certain obligations to fulfill towards your tenants, including that of giving them an RL-31 slip, which you must first […]