Is it better to consider leasing or buying


The actual expenses of a purchase:

“When people do their math, they often only consider the price they paid for the purchase and the price for the resale, but in between there are costs to bear.” Whether it’s taxes, maintenance, the roof, windows or a French drain to change, not to mention the opportunity cost, such as the money tied up in the property that is not invested elsewhere.

If, by renting, you give your money to an owner, by buying you give your money to the bank in interest. By taking out a mortgage of $ 332,500 (house at $ 350,000 with 5% down payment) at a rate of 3% for 25 years, you will have paid in interest $ 139,562. The rate goes up to 5% and you give the bank $ 247,650.

The question is:

If I was renting rather than buying. What would happen if I took the $ 247,650 saved from the purchase over 25 years and I put it in an RRSP for example … Go do your math.