Did you know that:

If you own a rental property, you have certain obligations with respect to the tax treatment of the income you earn from your activities and the expenses you incur. You also have certain obligations to fulfill towards your tenants, including that of giving them an RL-31 slip, which you must first produce. Likewise, you could benefit from certain tax advantages.

  • New rental building and major renovations
  • Income and expenses
  • Obligations relating to the RL-31 slip

The RL-31 slip

If you own an immovable and have rented an eligible dwelling for which rent has been paid or was payable for the month of December 2020, you must produce the RL-31 slip and send it to the tenant.

This statement is used to report information relating to the occupancy of the dwelling as of December 31, 2020.


You can file the RL-31 slip

  • online, starting December 1, using
    • the RL-31 slip production service, accessible in My file for citizens,
    • the Produce and consult RL-31 slips online service;
  • using software authorized by Revenu Québec and that you have purchased;
  • using software that you have designed and that meets our requirements;
  • on paper.